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ACL Rehab

ACL Rehab Gets You Back in the Game

When you get an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, our ACL rehab team can get you back in the game. We know you want to return to your activity quickly and safely. 

Our ACL rehab program guides you through each step after an ACL injury. Sports medicine specialists and physical therapists create your treatment plan. 

Our unique program was created by Dr. John Xerogeanes, chief of sports medicine at the Emory Orthopaedic & Spine Center, along with physical therapists Mike Newsome and Dan Kraushaar. 

ACL Injury Prehabilitation

After an ACL injury, it’s important to get moving as soon as possible. Prehabilitation exercises prepare you for ACL surgery. These ACL exercises will help you achieve your goals to:

ACL Surgery Recovery

Day of surgery to 3 months after
You’ll start recovery on the day of your ACL surgery. Our team will help you meet your ACL recovery goals to keep you on track.

These are your goals for each week after ACL surgery for up to three months: 

ACL Rehab to Return to Play

3 to 6 months after surgery
These ACL rehab exercises will guide you from 3 to 6 months after surgery. Follow these closely to avoid another injury and get back to your activity.

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