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Recovery & Follow Up

Surgical Recovery Post-Op Goals

This is an imperative part of your ACL surgical recovery and important to focus on meeting post operative goals, to include decrease swelling, increase range of motion, and relieving the heat (warmth) from the joint.

This should not be completed on your own and it is essential that you work with a Physical Therapist or Certified Athletic Trainer on the rehab exercises and progressions to achieve your post operative goals. Download your PDF based on where you are on your rehab program. During this time it is highly recommended to be in formal therapy guided by a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer.

Post-Op Weeks 1-3

Goals: Reduce swelling in the joint; be faithful with your icing (20 min every 2-4 hrs). Increase knee range of motion and focus on getting extension back. Wean off crutches.

Post-Op Weeks 4-6

Goals: Continue to reduce swelling in the joint. Continue to work on increasing knee range of motion; knee should be able to be straight or equal to other knee. Knee joint should be cooing and not warm to touch. Focus on being able to walk without limping and quad strengthening.

Post-Op Weeks 7-12

Goals: Swelling should be controlled and minimal effusion in the knee joint. Range of motion should be nearly full or equal to the other side full extension and knee flexion should be to 120 degrees. Knee joint should be cool and normal temperature, compared to other side. Achieved good quadriceps tone and VMO is firing effectively. Normal gait pattern and no limping when walking.

ACL Surgical Recovery Expectations

Get general information on recovery expectations after ACL repair surgery, including information recovery steps and potential complications after ACL surgery.