closeup of runner's knee with inner bones highlighted

ACL Prehabilitation

Reduce Swelling

Ice (as much as possible)

(15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per day) acutely 20 minute Icing every 2 hours for first 48 hours after injury

Cover the knee with light clothing to protect the skin. Then place ice bags on top and over sides of knees. It is often helpful to use an ace bandage to keep the ice in place around the knee (It also allows one to walk around)


  • ICE is a great way to help with circulation and keep the swelling out of the knee.


Whenever possible, keep the knee elevated above your heart. Can incorporate with your Icing; while icing, lay down keep your knee above your heart.


  • If lying on a couch rest your leg on the back of the couch.


If you have a knee sleeve or ACE bandage, you can wear or wrap the knee for a comfortable fit.


  • Compression of the injured joint will also help decrease inflammation, not allowing more swelling to the joint.

Range of Motion

(5-10 minutes, 1-2 times per day)

Continue with Range of Motion exercises, this will help with blood circulation.


  • By controlling swelling and having good range of motion prior to surgery will allow for a easier post operative recovery.