World-Class Heart Care

Whether you need monitoring for a simple erratic heartbeat or treatment for a more severe disorder, our heart doctors and other specialists have the knowledge and skills to help. We use the best of proven heart care strategies and are pioneers in developing innovative new treatments. Your care team will create a treatment plan just for you and make sure you have all the information and resources you need at every step.

While we have plenty of cardiologists who will see you for your general cardiology needs, we also have several programs that specialize even further to meet all of our patient's needs. There are 10 specialty centers and programs offered within the Cardiology Program, part of the more comprehensive Heart & Vascular Center.

Below are the subspecialty centers and programs under the Cardiology Program. Click the links below to learn more. 

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Did You Know?

Emory's heart specialists literally wrote the book on cardiology—the medical textbook, The Heart, first published in 1967—and built the foundation for cardiovascular care in Georgia by developing training programs that produce 85 percent of the practicing cardiologists and heart surgeons in the state.

At Emory, our heart specialists treat the full range of heart problems. We are among world leaders in caring for people with heart failure, and we are at the forefront in areas such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congenital heart disease. At the same time, we work hard to give people the information and tools they need to prevent heart disease before it starts. And all this happens close to you — we have more than 23 Heart & Vascular clinics across North Georgia.

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