Comprehensive Benefits

Emory Healthcare is committed to providing you with a variety of affordable benefit plan options that provide high-quality coverage and fit your and your family’s needs.

Please note: The information below is a summary of benefits. Detailed provisions of each benefit plan can be reviewed in the Plan documents available on the intranet under the Employee Resources tab, then Your Benefits. Emory Healthcare reserves the right to terminate, suspend, withdraw, amend or modify benefits in whole or in part at any time. Further, Emory Healthcare reserves the right to terminate or modify coverage for any group of employees, active or retired, and their dependents or a class of dependents at any time.

Health Benefits 

You can choose medical coverage through a traditional or consumer-driven health plan. EHC and employees share the cost of the plan. Behavioral health and retail or mail-order prescription drug benefits are included with your medical coverage. With Tier Zero prescription drugs, Emory Healthcare waives the co-pay for generic prescription drugs for the treatment of some chronic conditions and for smoking cessation drugs.

As our partner in health, we work with Kaiser Permanente to provide Kaiser Permanente members inpatient care and emergency services at our hospitals. Because we truly see the value of this partnership, we offer Emory Healthcare employees the option to select Kaiser Permanente as their health insurance provider.

You can choose from two different dental plans. EHC and employees share the cost of the plan.

You can choose a voluntary vision plan that provides coverage and discounts for services and items such as eye exams, frames and contact lenses.

All EHC employees receive discounts at Emory Eye Center and Emory Vision.

Flexible Spending Accounts can reduce your taxes by allowing you to pay for eligible health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Retirement Benefits 

The Retirement Savings/Matching Plan allows you to make contributions to the plan, up to the annual IRS limit. After one year of eligible service (must be over 21 years of age), eligible employees receive employer contributions to their Retirement Savings/Matching Plan as follows:

  • All eligible employees receive a 2% employer contribution, even if they are not contributing to the plan
  • Eligible employees who do contribute receive an additional 100% employer match as follows:
    • Up to 4% of an employee contribution if less than 10 years of service
    • Up to 5% of an employee contribution if 10 or more years of service

Additional Insurance

EHC gives you long-term disability (LTD) coverage at no cost to you after one year of benefits-eligible service. LTD benefits replace 60% of your base pay after you have been absent from work for 180 days due to a qualifying injury or illness.

You may purchase supplemental LTD, which enables employees to insure a higher percentage of income than the employer-paid LTD. You are eligible for this benefit after completing one year of benefits-eligible service.

You may purchase short-term disability, which provides a benefit equal to 60% of your weekly base pay after you have used all your paid leave and your waiting period of 15, 30 or 60 days is met.

The employer-paid basic life insurance gives you one times your base pay, up to $50,000. You may purchase supplemental life insurance coverage for yourself or your family.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is optional and pays a benefit to you or your eligible dependents for loss of life or dismemberment as a result of an accident.

Long-Term Care is a voluntary benefit that helps you and your family manage the costs associated with long-term care, either in-home care or in a nursing home.

You may choose from Accident, Cancer and Hospital Confinement insurance policies from Aflac.

These policies help with out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles, co-payments and everyday living expenses.

You can purchase insurance for your home or car at affordable group rates through payroll deduction from MetLife Auto and Home Insurance.

Education Benefits

The Employee Education Plan allows full- and part-time, benefits-eligible employees to take up to 18 credit hours per calendar year at an accredited college or university after satisfying one year of employment for an undergraduate degree or two years for a graduate degree. Courses must be job-related and fill an identified need. Full-time, benefits-eligible employees can receive at least 80% of approved tuition charges paid up to an annual dollar maximum. Part-time, benefits-eligible employees can receive half of the full-time benefit.

The Georgia Higher Education 529 Savings Plan offers a convenient way for you to save money for your child's college education. 

Leave Benefits 

Paid Time Off (PTO) consists of time away from work for scheduled vacation, holidays, bereavement and any time away from work not covered by the extended illness leave policy.

Time off is accrued every pay period as follows:

Through five years..........26 days per year..........8.00 hours per paycheck
6 - 10 years......................31 days per year..........9.54 hours per paycheck
11 - 20 years..................34 days per year..........10.46 hours per paycheck
21 or more years..........37 days per year..........11.38 hours per paycheck

An accrued extended illness leave bank may be used for personal illness when you are unable to perform job duties for more than five days (includes accident or injury, pregnancy, childbirth, adoption or other medical conditions).

Additional Benefits

EHC employees may receive discounts for early childhood education centers across the metro Atlanta area. Discounts on eldercare services are also available, and employees have access to discounted pet insurance and identity theft protection services as part of being a member of Team EHC.

We are proud of our evidence-based employee health and well-being program, Healthy Emory. In addition to being able to participate in a variety of programs designed to enhance your health and well-being, employees receive free wellness services through Employee Health and the Faculty Staff Assistance Program. Discounts are available for a variety of fitness facilities. Our online portal offers employees access to a wide variety of online learning tools, webinars and resources to assist them in achieving work/life success.

Hyatt Group Legal is a voluntary benefit that provides affordable legal service for you and your family.

Free/Discounted parking and transportation also are available for employees.

Our Sparkfly discount program provides employee discounts on travel, restaurants, electronics, movie and event tickets, shopping and more!