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Current Emory Healthcare Employees Job Search

Emory Healthcare is glad you would like to grow your talent and advance your career with us, and we have created an application portal just for you. When you apply through the internal portal, your application is routed quickly to a recruiter for consideration.

To apply, please do the following:

  • Log in to e-Vantage. (If accessing e-Vantage from outside the Emory network, you will likely need to use Duo Two-Factor Authentication to log in.)
  • Log in using your network ID and password.
  • Select Self Service from the top dropdown menu.
  • Select the Careers tile to start your search.

For more information on advancing your career with Emory Healthcare, click on the Employee Resources tab on the intranet. Select Talent Acquisition, then click on Internal Career Development in the left navigation. This feature is accessible only to Emory Healthcare employees.