Women’s Heart & Screenings

Emory offers multiple heart screening packages to meet your heart health needs.

All patients are initially scheduled for Plan A. If further testing is recommended by the Emory Women’s Heart Nurse Practitioner, you will be referred for Plan B or C or potentially both Plans B and C.

Plan A: ($75) Initial Assessment for All Women
Your initial screening includes a review for any family history of cardiovascular disease and a comprehensive global cardiac risk assessment that includes your age, blood pressure, total cholesterol level, HDL level, smoking history and hypertension history. You will also work directly with a nurse practitioner to develop an individualized plan that helps you reduce your identifed risk factors.

Our comprehensive examination includes:

• Body mass index
• Blood pressure
• Cholesterol evaluation
• Depression scale assessment
• Fasting blood sugar test
• Exercise recommendations
• Physical exam
• Pregnancy history
• Sleep evaluation
• Waist circumference
• Weight consultation

Plan B: ($100) Women with Intermediate Risk, Hypertension or Diabetes Mellitus
• Ankle brachial index (ABI) – Screening for circulation abnormalities in the lower extremities
• Echocardiogram – Test to evaluate the structural aspects of the heart
• Electrocardiogram (EKG) – Test to evaluate the electrical conduction of the heart
• Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) – Blood test to determine diabetes risk
• Microalbuminuria – Urine test to screen for early kidney disease

Plan C: ($100) Women with Intermediate Risk or Diabetes Mellitus
• Calcium score – Computed tomography (CT) of the coronary arteries to help determine risk for coronary disease or blockage

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