Heart & Vascular:


Conditions We Treat

If you have a heart and vascular condition or are at risk for one, Emory’s physicians, surgeons and heart and vascular specialists will work together with you and your family every step of the way. From diagnosing your condition to developing a personalized treatment plan to seeing you through recovery and ongoing cardiovascular wellness. Live a healthier, active life by giving your heart the care it deserves.

Our teams provide comprehensive treatment for life-threatening heart and vascular conditions, including:

Heart and vascular diseases and conditions affect your body’s circulatory system. Some develop due to lifestyle habits, like exercise, diet, or smoking. Others are genetic. According to the American Heart Association, nearly 85 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke. If left untreated, many conditions can cause high blood pressure, chest pain, or worse, heart failure or stroke. Explore the heart and vascular conditions we treat at Emory and understand common symptoms.

Arrhythmia and Rhythm Disorders

Rhythm disorders, called arrhythmias, occur when your heart beats off its normal rhythm. Some are harmless; others are more serious to your health, especially if you have another condition like heart disease.

Cardiac Conditions

Cardiac diseases affect your heart, valves, and arteries and may block the flow of blood to other parts of your body.

Congenital Heart Conditions

Congenital heart conditions are abnormalities that affect the heart from birth. Conditions range from simple to complex and many require special treatment over the course of your life.

Interventional Cardiology Conditions

Interventional cardiology refers to minimally invasive procedures that use catheters (thin, flexible tubes) and imaging technology to treat arterial and vascular conditions without the use of open surgery.

Structural Heart Conditions

Structural conditions affect the interior walls of your heart, valves and your arteries and veins. Some structural heart conditions are congenital; others develop as you age.

Vascular Conditions

Vascular conditions affect your body’s circulatory system, which circulates blood and lymph throughout your body.

Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition in which your heart does not pump as well as it should. Heart failure can be due to your heart not squeezing properly, or not relaxing properly.