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A good night’s sleep can clear your mind, raise your spirits and improve your health. But too often, a restful night is just out of reach. Maybe your mind races or your legs have a mind of their own. Maybe you sleep 8 hours, yet wake up tired or doze off during the day. Let the Emory Clinic sleep experts help you find a solution.

You can rest easy knowing you’re getting help from some of the world’s leading health experts, researchers and faculty at Emory University School of Medicine. The Emory Clinic Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and offers Board-certified sleep specialists and experienced polysomnographers (sleep technologists) to help you from diagnosis through restful nights ahead.

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The Emory Clinic Sleep Center is among the country’s leading sleep diagnosis and treatment centers for all kinds of sleep disorders, including:

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Every day, Emory Clinic and Emory University faculty sleep experts conduct leading research.

Did You Know?

There’s another solution for sleep apnea besides a CPAP mask? See if one of these options may be right for you.

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