Congenital Heart Conditions

According to the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), there are about one million adults living with Congenital Heart Diseases (CHDs) in the U.S. The majority need ongoing specialized care. The Emory Adult Congenital Heart Center is one of only a few programs of its kind in the U.S. — and the only one in Georgia — specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with moderate and complex congenital heart defects (CHDs). The program features a multidisciplinary management team that diagnoses adult patients with congenital heart diseases and provides the best care available.

Adults with CHDs can have a broad range of concerns, including:

  • Unrepaired congenital defects
  • Heart failure
  • Complications associated with earlier repairs
  • Newly recognized CHDs not found until adulthood
  • Complex arrhythmias
  • Pregnancy issues

Some of the most common conditions that cause congenital heart disease are:

View the groups of Congenital Heart Disease conditions:

*Adapted from “Care of the Adult with Congenital Heart Disease.” Presented at: the 32nd Bethesda Conference; October 2-3, 2000; Bethesda, MD.