LGBT Family Building

The Emory Reproductive Center is committed to helping all people build their families. We are experienced in working with LGBT patients, both single and coupled.

We help women select a sperm bank for anonymous donor insemination and will also facilitate directed donor intrauterine inseminations. We can do co-maternity IVF cycles for lesbian couples, where a woman can carry a pregnancy conceived from her partner's eggs and donor sperm. We also work with gay men who are pursuing directed or anonymous egg donation with gestational surrogacy.

For transgender men and women, we are available to discuss fertility preservation options prior to transition.

Not only do our patients benefit from our experience and success with advanced reproductive techniques, we also provide referrals and resources to attorneys and legal experts who may be necessary on this journey.

Please make an appointment with one of our physicians to learn how Emory Reproductive Center can play a role in building your family.