Complex Family Planning

Care That’s Driven by You

Sometimes, when it comes to your reproductive health, you need specialized care and support. The complex family-planning specialists at Emory Healthcare are here to help. We’ll partner with your care team – whether that’s an OBGYN, maternal fetal specialist, genetic counselor or reproductive endocrinologist – to find the answers and treatment that you want and need.

We provide proven, evidence-based care for our patients that need nuanced, advanced care. We diagnose and treat everything from difficult IUD removal or insertion to pregnancy loss. We support patients with chronic medical conditions that make reproductive care a little more complex and challenging.

We deliver nonjudgmental care to all the patients and families we see, day in and day out. And we pledge to involve you at every step of the way, because we believe when you are educated and informed, you become empowered and confident in your care.

Research-Driven Care

Our complex family-planning specialists are fellowship trained and regularly lead and review the latest research and findings in reproductive healthcare. Best of all, we use that experience to help you make sense of the newest recommendations or sensational news headlines. You can be confident that we will only provide evidence- and fact-based care, and we’re here to share that unbiased and informed insight with you.

Advocates for Your Reproductive Health

Our robust family-planning specialists are dedicated to advocating for your reproductive health inside and outside our office. We regularly work at the local, state and federal level to lend our voice and experience on legislation and research findings to ensure our patients continue to have access to proven and safe healthcare.

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