Complex Family Planning

Contraceptive Care

Patient-Centered Contraceptive Counseling

When it comes to birth control, there are more options than ever before. And, while that’s a good thing, it can make finding the right contraception confusing and overwhelming, especially if you have a complex or chronic medical condition that can impact what’s right and safe for you.

The complex family-planning specialists at Emory Healthcare can help. We work with patients just like you to find the approach that meets your needs and goals, including your health, lifestyle and preferences. It all starts with an open and honest conversation. We’ll listen closely to your questions and concerns and offer unbiased and informed recommendations. After all, it’s your voice and choice that matters.

Interpreting the Latest Studies

It seems there’s always a confusing news story or headline that brings more questions than answers about what’s best for your contraceptive health. We can help you better understand what the latest research findings mean and how it impacts your health. Together, we’ll separate fact from fiction and offer informed insight—insight honed from years of experience, involvement and understanding of reproductive health.

Contraceptive Care Services

We work closely with you and, when necessary, other providers on your care team. That includes your general OBGYN, maternal-fetal specialist or the doctors providing care for your existing medical condition that may complicate contraception use.

Our team delivers specialized contraceptive care, including:

  • Contraception counseling for complex medical conditions, including sickle cell amenia, mental health issues, autoimmune disorders, heart or lung disease, epilepsy or bleeding disorders, among others.
  • Contraception education with unbiased and informed resources, like
  • Difficult IUD or contraceptive implant insertion or removal, including after delivery, c-section or abortion.