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Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are joining forces to build a unique strategic alliance that creates a comprehensive approach to addiction in the state of Georgia. The Addiction Alliance of Georgia is a collaborative, community-based model that integrates addiction-focused treatment, prevention, research, and educational initiatives. 

Emory Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Services (EAST) is a specialized division of the Emory Addiction Center and treats people 14-26 years of age. Our multidisciplinary team consists of board-certified addiction psychiatrists/child psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, and psychologists.

Our clinicians utilize the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), a cognitive-behavioral model for substance use treatment. This approach helps patients develop and strengthen relapse prevention skills by identifying external and internal triggers for use, patterns of using behavior, consequences of use, and practical techniques in resisting pressures to use. We believe that an individual’s culture, background, family, and belief systems are important aspects of individualized care.
Patients are also strongly encouraged to participate in community support groups to develop and strengthen their support network while in and after treatment.

Developer Notes

  • Component resides inside EH Navigation tab in the Toolbox by the name EH Side Navigation.
  • EH Side Navigation has two rendering variants options but the one used in Emory is Side Navigation variant.
  • This component does not have a data-source item, when added to a page, it generates a navigation menu based on the item hierarchy.
  • Navigation menu considers both Sitecore Page items(based on various page templates) and Redirect items.
  • Redirects can be used to add external links in the Side Navigation.
  • Redirects Item Fields used in Side Navigation
    • Link caption in navigation: single line text field to add caption which will be displayed in the Navigation Menu.
    • Redirection URL: the link added in this field will be linked to the Navigation Menu text for this item.
  • Sitecore Page Item Fields used in Side Navigation
    • Link caption in navigation: single line text field to add caption which will be displayed in the Navigation Menu.
    • Sitecore Page URL(will be automatically generated) will be linked to the Navigation Menu text for this item.
  • Rendering Parameters(in Navigation Settings section) :
    • Start Page – if you want your site to open on a different page than the home page, select that page here.
    • Top Navigation Level – click the level (counted from the root) that the navigation should start at.
    • Bottom Navigation Level – click the level (counted from the root) that the navigation should end at.
    • Navigation Filter – click the navigation filter from the drop-down list, select Sidebar Navigation.
  • To hide a page from Navigation Menu :
    • Go to the page item and look for Check to hide in navigation filters field in Navigation section.
    • Select the Sidebar Navigation checkbox from the list.
  • An example of the component is displayed here  HERE
  • Paint Bucket Settings to be noted for this component :
    • This container in which the Side Navigation component will be added should have the Sidebar setting (available in Container - Emory(local) list) selected.
    • The other container either on the left/right which will have the content should have the Content setting (available in Container - Emory(local) list) selected.

Content Author Notes

1.  Side navigation can be added to any page, this side navigation will follow the page structure in the content tree.

2.  To add side navigation add an item to the page and navigate to EH Navigation then Side Navigation

3.  Once the Side Navigation has been added to the page, use the paint bucket to update the settings.

4.  You can pick the start page for your side navigation, again the navigation that follows will come from the content tree structure of pages.

5.  The navigation level settings will define the depth of the side navigation.  This is defaulted to one.


Side Navigation:

  • The Side Navigation will be displayed to the right of the page content below the Promo Tiles.
  • The Side navigation will be populate based on site structure and configuration. 
  • The interior navigation will be dynamically generated to show all pages and eternal links that are in the current section fo the CMS.
  • There will be a home page link under the section title. 
  • Start page is not clickable. Everything else under the root/start page should be clickable. 
  • If an item has a carat it should be clickable. 
  • The Side Navigation will support up to tier 4 navigation. All lower tiers should be create within the content page. 
  • A carat will be shown to the right of the menu item, if the folder level goes down another tier. If there is another tier below, the carat will not be shown.
  • Home page should be dictated by start page navigation settings.
  • Navigation will be dynamically generated in relation to the section home page.
  • The order at which the links appear will be determined by the order they are presented in the tree.
  • Navigation should also verify if any page is excluded from navigation in navigable data as part of the base page. The CA  should be to click a box to exclude.
  • Upon load of page the nav should remain closed until user makes selection. 
  • For styling please see designs: Designs


  • See requirements above
  • "Links in this section" will come from dictionary
  • Remove indent, children will be displayed in a dropdown.