Transparency Program

Emory Healthcare's Online Rating and Comments

Emory Healthcare wants to encourage patients to actively participate in the course of their healthcare journey. Through the provision of trustworthy ratings, we want to support our patients in choosing a care provider who is the right fit for them.

How We Measure Our Patients' Experiences

Patient experience surveys sometimes are mistaken for customer satisfaction surveys. Patient experience surveys focus on how patients experienced, or perceived, key aspects of their care, not how satisfied they were. Patient experience surveys focus on asking patients whether, or how often, they experienced critical aspects of health care, including communication with their doctors, understanding their medication instructions, and the coordination of their health care needs and do not focus on amenities.

Hospital patient experience surveys include questions that ask patients about their interactions with multiple providers. This is because a patient may experience care from several different medical personnel. To include; physicians, nurses, technicians, and radiologists.

Emory Healthcare’s patient experience survey is emailed to patients within 24 – 48 hours of their visit with our team members. We use the responses received in order to identify areas of opportunity and highlight areas of excellence.

The comments posted on our physician profile pages are comments provided to us from submitted patient experience surveys. Ratings are also based off results from surveys received from patients who were treated within Emory Healthcare’s outpatient and inpatient environments.

Do We Post All Received Comments?

Emory Healthcare strives to remain unbiased and posts, both, positive and negative comments. However, we refrain from posting comments that are identified to be libelous, slanderous, profane, could risk the privacy of our patients by providing protected health information, or do not directly mention the direct care they received by their provider.

Why Don't I See Comments Listed On All Physician Pages?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not see comments, or ratings, posted on a physician profile page:

  1. The physician is not an Emory employed physician, but rather one of our trusted independent, private practice physicians.
  2. Only physicians with 30 returned ratings will have comments and ratings displayed on their online profile. We do this to ensure there is a significant number of experience responses for that Physician. This ensures you receive feedback from a well-rounded number of true patients.