Facial and Jaw Trauma Surgery

What Is Facial and Jaw Trauma?

Trauma may be the result of a fall, sports injury, motor vehicle accident or interpersonal violence. It may result in broken teeth, broken jaw, broken facial bones and lacerations of the skin or gums. This may cause pain, swelling, difficulty chewing, changes in facial appearance, changes in vision, a bloody nose or altered sensation of the face.

Your doctor will examine your airway to determine the injuries and locate the broken bones.

Facial and Jaw Trauma Surgery

Our team of doctors understands that having an injury to your face and jaws can be stressful. Our goal is to treat all of your injuries and restore your jaws and face to what they were before the injury. Our team offers many treatments, including:

  • Repairing lacerations of the mouth and face
  • Repairing broken bones using very small plates and screws to hold them in place until they heal
  • Replacing missing teeth and the jawbone
  • Reestablishing a normal facial appearance and ability to eat, chew and smile

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