Mouth and Jaw Tumor
and Cancer Surgery

Mouth, Jaw and Facial Tumors and Cancer

Growths, tumors and cancer can occur in the mouth, jaw and facial area. If any of these occur, your doctor will need to examine the affected area and perform special tests to see exactly where the tumor or cancer is, how big it is and what surgery is needed to treat you.

Mouth, Jaw and Facial Tumor and Cancer Surgery

Receiving a diagnosis of a growth, tumor or cancer can be a very stressful time. The doctors and staff in Oral Surgery understand this more than anyone. Our mission is to provide a caring and compassionate environment as well as the most modern treatments. We offer a holistic approach to your care and treatment that includes many doctors who specialize in these conditions. Conditions that we can treat include: 

  • Growths and tumors of the mouth and jaws
  • Cancers of the mouth and jaws

We are also able to reconstruct your mouth and jaws to ensure you can return to eating, chewing, talking and smiling. We will be with you every step of the way from removing the growth, tumor or cancer to restoring your mouth and jaws. Our treatments include: 

  • Surgery to remove the growth, tumor or cancer
  • Surgery to replace the part of the mouth and jaw that was removed
  • Nonsurgical treatment with radiation and/or anti-cancer drugs
  • Dental implants to restore your jaws with teeth

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